Truth is a myth : A patchwork

Posté par Durf667 le 5 avril 2011

Demian S. Coyote et M. Pantomime (2002 / 2006)


They arrested her for giving me a kiss / Give me one night then you can die / Tell me something I don’t know /We’re animals after all / I won’t be drinking anymore / I ate the lotus anymay / It blurred my soul and made me wanna go / I’m down with another sad song / You just want more but you can’t / I’m stoned.


Hit me now / The crowd doesn’t care / You know I need to kneel / The danger in the dream / It’s not what you did, it’s not what you said / Cause everything you lost was worth the pain / I don’t walk I run, I stumble and fall / The match burnt fast, I can’t control my hand / The ghosts are dancing all around.


Now you can nail me / You’re so beautiful when you’re smiling / You come to me and we scream « fuck off » / You can’t refuse the headache / Been done before, been done before / If you were my medecine, I sure would take this pill / I don’t think I can handle the truth alone / So fight and still fight and don’t forget to die / Could I come, if you still want some news ?

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